Installation Common Ground: Potenziale3- How does the city move you?

For the exhibition Potenziale3 in aut_architektur und Tirol, Eleni Boutsika Palles teamed up with Xotil Natke, Verena Rauch and Walter Prenner to create the installation Common Ground, where their individual research topics come together in a full-scale experiment as contra-position to the idea of linear urban processes.

Radical Austria: The Movies. Introduction.

Parallel to the exhibition Radical Austria, Everything is Architecture in the Design Museum Den Bosch, on the Austrian avant-garde in art, fashion, design and architecture in the nineteen sixties and seventies, presents a selection of films on and by the protagonists of the exhibition, originally made for and broadcasted by the ORF.

Gion A. Caminada Cul zuffel e l’aura dado („Architektur mit den Winden“)

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Exhibition Architecture becomes Region

Exhibition Prösels Castle, Tischlerhaus Architecture becomes Region / Architektur wird Region / Dall’architettura alla regione May 1st until October 31st 2017 Opening: Friday, April 28th 2017, 6 p. m. How much region can be found in regionalized architecture, i.e. in a typical “Tirolerhaus”? Questions like this constitued the starting point of this publication, in which […]

Exhibition Radical Austria: Catalog / Bart Lootsma

Catalogue Exhibition Radical Austria: Everything in Architecture curated by Bart Lootsma, Alexa Baumgartner, and Maya Christodoulaki. Design by Dutch office DeVrijerVanDongen and still on display in the Design Museum Den Bosch until October 3, 2021. In English.

Mountain Hotels 1890-1930: South Tyrol, North Tyrol, Trentino / Bettina Schlorhaufer

In its series of publications, The Touriseum – South Tyrol Museum of Tourism, introduces a new book on the long-gone hotel building tradition in the mountain regions of South Tyrol, North Tyrol and Trentino. The publication presents newfound and previously unreleased images and illustrations of museum quality to the public.

Cul zuffel e l’aura dado

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Musch & Lun. Architects, Entrepreneurs and Politicans of the Gründerzeit in South Tyrol / Bettina Schlorhaufer

The intention of the research project “Musch & Lun. Architects, Entrepreneurs and Politicans of the Gründerzeit in South Tyrol” is to fill a gap in the architectural and cultural history of South Tyrol. The investigations, which were divided into several project phases, including a part “foundational research” and further parts which were dedicated to the […]

Exhibition Radical Austria / Bart Lootsma

Bart Lootsma, Alexa Baumgartner and Maya Christodoulaki curated the exhibition Radical Austria, on the Austrian avantgarde of the nineteen sixties and early seventies in the Design Museum in Den Bosch. The exhibition, subtitled Everything is Architecture, for the first time features art, clothing, design and architecture in one show, which is one of the first […]

Mountain Hotels 1890-1930 by Bettina Schlorhaufer / Bart Lootsma’s comment on facebook

„The great new standard work on Mountain Hotels in North and South Tyrol and Trentino by Bettina Schlorhaufer from Years of research in previously inaccessible archives. Architectural history, economic history and history of innovation and technology. It’s really difficult to point out in short why these books are so important. History of tourism and […]

“Es müssen neue Optionen in Alltagskultur eingehen und sich darin auflösen”

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Project Solana Ulcinj / Panoramic Virtual Tour

You can now visit Project Solana Ulcinj, the exhibition in the Montenegrin Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale, curated by Bart Lootsma and Katharina Weinberger and commissioned by Dijana Vučinić, through a 360 tour done by Luka Lu Bošković. Installations by ecoLogicStudio, LaaC, LOLA Landscape Architects Marko Stjepčević and Nemanja Miličević. To move through the pavilion, click on the […]