Installation Common Ground: Potenziale3- How does the city move you?

02 15th, 2022

For the exhibition Potenziale3 in aut_architektur und Tirol, Eleni Boutsika Palles teamed up with Xotil Natke, Verena Rauch and Walter Prenner to create the installation Common Ground, where their individual research topics come together in a full-scale experiment as contra-position to the idea of linear urban processes.

Through sound, video, image and text, this landscape becomes a communication interface. Its scenographic qualities encourage the visitors to appropriate and interact, find their own paths and transform it.


The video essay How does the city move you? is a visual experimentation of Eleni‘s view of architectural design as a practice which is not strictly confined within the boundaries of building, but maybe closer to visual literature or philosophy, a method for analysing spatial concepts and their relationship to behaviour, perception, observation and imagination.


The soundscape includes fragments from field recordings and spoken text and was composed in collaboration with Christoph Bus. 


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