Mountain Hotels 1890-1930: South Tyrol, North Tyrol, Trentino / Bettina Schlorhaufer

03 29th, 2021

In its series of publications, The Touriseum – South Tyrol Museum of Tourism, introduces a new book on the long-gone hotel building tradition in the mountain regions of South Tyrol, North Tyrol and Trentino. The publication presents newfound and previously unreleased images and illustrations of museum quality to the public.

Around 1890, the development of alpinism and tourism was accompanied by the construction of accommodation for mountain-world enthusiasts in South Tyrol and its neighbouring regions. In remote high mountain landscapes, mountain hotels were built at selected vantage points, which not only blended into the regional context architecturally, but also became symbols of the growing political and economic claim of space by their builders.

The architectural production of the mountain hotels was carried out using innovative design methods in series or based on a modular programme. The author of the publication is Bettina Schlorhaufer from the Department of Architectural Theory at the University of Innsbruck. She examines the genesis of the mountain hotel as a building type against the background of international hotel construction, from the design practice, to the artistic interpretation of guiding principles, to interior design – based on the premise that the hotel is “a synthesis of clinic, wagon-lits and machine” (a word by Joseph August Lux, 1909).

With these volumes, the Touriseum – South Tyrol Museum of Tourism, presents the first history of mountain hotel construction in the regions of South Tyrol, North Tyrol and Trentino. The connections between economy, society and culture are illuminated using examples such as the close-knit network of the “Association for Alpine Hotels in Tyrol”.

Volume 1: History of Tourism, Hotel Founders and Architectural Context
Volume 2: Mountain Hotels (Catalogue) – Buildings and Projects by Musch & Lun and Otto Schmid

Bettina Schlorhaufer
Berghotels 1890–1930: Südtirol, Nordtirol und Trentino
Bauten und Projekte von Musch & Lun und Otto Schmid
Touriseum – Südtiroler Landesmuseum für Tourismus (Eds.)
Birkhäuser 2021
Two volumes à 304 pages with 536, partly coloured illustrations
Electronic ISBN: 9783035622706
Paperback ISBN: 9783035622690

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