Space production and Heterotopias

The Master Studio offered by Architekturtheorie deals with architectural heterotopias: Constellations of spaces with specific scenarios, programs, atmospheres, lifestyles and freedoms that form spaces for specific subcultures, lifestyles and individuals.

The studio consists of 3 sections. In the first section texts are read together and summarized concerning spatial production and heterotopias. The second section explores specific space productions in Tyrol. There will also be introductions to various methods of urban and architectural research. In the third section, an architectural and urban development program is formulated for the researched spatial productions and heterotopias and possibly a type or prototype is developed.

Heterotopia – The Hidden Gem / Maria Bär and Manuel Abart

The term heterotopy comes from the Greek. It is formed from the words „hetero“ for “different“ and „topos“ for „place“. The concept was first used by Michel Foucault in his philosophy in 1967. It thus designates spaces or places and their systemic significance, which have only partially or not completely implemented the norms given at […]

Of Episodes and Scenarios – The Potpourri Project / Harald Jöchl

A speculative project about how urbanism in future should be practiced. At the same time a critical project about the current state of the art and the current practice of architecture and urbanism. This book is situated exactly at the starting point of the production of architecture. At the beginning of every political or planning […]

BoxInnBox / Diana Tschenett & Christopher Schneeweiß

The world is constantly changing, shifting and developing. Sometimes those events are happening so fast, that there is almost no time to adopt to a recent development. Passing through spaces and places at a high pace, certain situations are not even recognized by the individual. By looking closer at random spots you can find objects, […]

Arkisstecture / Clint Andree

The Project started off with the Analysis of 5 different spaces randomly selected around Innsbruck. The spaces were, a plant nursery, a yard to an apartment complex, a courtyard completely surrounded by mix use buildings, a corner within a residential neighborhood, and finally the Westbanhof in Innsbruck. Every site had its own unique parameters and […]

22 + 1 Meta Stories / Maya Christodoulaki

The Haus Rucker Co collective was asking in 1986 for “An amnesty for built reality”. Since then we have moved past what is right or wrong and we are serving neither the people nor the built reality. All that exists around us is in a state of paroxysm, it is reproduced, replicated, conditioned and restated, […]