Mountain Hotels 1890-1930 by Bettina Schlorhaufer / Bart Lootsma’s comment on facebook

03 29th, 2021

„The great new standard work on Mountain Hotels in North and South Tyrol and Trentino by Bettina Schlorhaufer from Years of research in previously inaccessible archives. Architectural history, economic history and history of innovation and technology. It’s really difficult to point out in short why these books are so important. History of tourism and globalisation not to forget. Everything comes together in this theme, that could be studied so well because of the isolation of the area around the turn of the century and the isolation and pristine state of the well-kept archives of a building company. A great achievement of which I’m really proud it happened in our department. 2 books in a cassette. Hundreds of pages, hundreds of beautiful illustrations. Really unique. Layout and additional graphics by Anna Luison.“

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