Arkisstecture / Clint Andree

10 15th, 2019

The Project started off with the Analysis of 5 different spaces randomly selected around Innsbruck. The spaces were, a plant nursery, a yard to an apartment complex, a courtyard completely surrounded by mix use buildings, a corner within a residential neighborhood, and finally the Westbanhof in Innsbruck. Every site had its own unique parameters and feeling, as well as audience. Although very few people were seen at many of the sites, it was clear who would use them, such as families for the apartment yard, and workers/customers for the plant nursery. Every had its own unique styles as well.
Although all of the sites were thought provoking in their own rights, the westbanhof stood out in particular. There was Initially two visits to all of the sites at two completely different times, once in the middle of the day during a holliday, and once in the afternoon during a normal work day. Observing the people of each space yielded expected results, for the most part. The yard was used by children, the nursery had people doing farmwork, and people used the street in the residential area as a transitory space. The Westbanhof stood out however.

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