22 + 1 Meta Stories / Maya Christodoulaki

10 15th, 2019

The Haus Rucker Co collective was asking in 1986
for “An amnesty for built reality”. Since then we have
moved past what is right or wrong and we are serving
neither the people nor the built reality. All that exists
around us is in a state of paroxysm, it is reproduced,
replicated, conditioned and restated, curated and
mutilated. We have lived through financial, communal,
life and now natural crises which we continue to
sometimes manage, and other times avoid.
Listening to “A Caged Bird/Imitations of Life”, a song
by The Cinematic Orchestra featuring Roots Manuva,
I notice the lyrics: “Why would you hide from yourself,
Belief is here to find you”. Is there a part of us that we
are not aware of? Where is it and why is it still hidden?
Does belief and trust help in discovering oneself?
Are we advocating for an amnesty for our personal
knowledge and reality? When we were looking at
the city, we were ignoring the development of the
countryside. Now that we are focusing on ourselves,
what is it that is progressing and evolving unattended?

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