BoxInnBox / Diana Tschenett & Christopher Schneeweiß

10 15th, 2019

The world is constantly changing, shifting and developing.
Sometimes those events are happening so
fast, that there is almost no time to adopt to a recent
development. Passing through spaces and places at a
high pace, certain situations are not even recognized
by the individual.
By looking closer at random spots you can find
objects, stories they tell and from there on think of
new possibilities for the space in total. At two different
spots our attention was drawn to phone boxes at first.
They have been through a history of technological
changes and now seem to have done their service.
Secondly a simple shopping bill pointed out that online
stores are now also a place for groceries. Based on
those perceptions we asked ourselves the following
How do spaces change which are almost abandoned
– like phone boxes – if the place they occupy is equipped
with a new function of usage? On the other hand,
how could such a new function be influenced by the
development of shopping groceries – what you need
for the daily life – online?

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