Symposium Innovation in Tradition

The focus of the convention “Innovation in Tradition” will be placed on the complex topic of social reformatting, exceeding the central question of the effect of technological innovations and their influence on architecture, space conception, building typology, domestic engineering, urban design, etc. One aspect to be addressed should be the emergence of our idea of […]

‘Ethnoscapes & Hyperculture’ – Analisi del ‘Hotel House’ (italiano) / Peter Volgger, Katharina Paulweber & Adriano Cancellieri

Italy has been wracked by tension over the past few months as the outskirts of its biggest cities – Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples – have witnessed boisterious and burgeoning street protests against immigration. Rising unemployment, a continuing economic crisis, growing anti-immigrant sentiment, and a new po- litical alliance between the Northern League and Casa Pound […]

Interview Medhanie Teklemariam / Peter Volgger & Stefan Graf

Medhanie Teklemariam is an Eritrean urban planner, the coordinator of the Asmara heritage programe and the head of the DoI (Department Infrastructural Services Zoba Maekel, Asmara, Eritrea).

From Mapping to Operating System / Bart Lootsma

Otto Neurath is known, among other things, as a philosopher, a sociologist, and as a political economist. His pioneering work, together with the artist Gerd Arntz, on the Isotype pictorial language is widely acknowledged among graphic designers and information designers. More recently, architects and urbanists have become more and more interested in Neurath’s role as […]

Imaging the City – Mediascapes & Diaspora / Peter Volgger

The article starts with the exploration of Venice from Baudrillard’s influential notion of the orders of ‚simulacra’ (1). Following his line of thought it develops the theoretical approach of the ‘archipelago’ in the context of globalization, both the movement of tourists and migrants. In Venice, the ‚Archipelago of the Other’ is manifested in the ‚city […]

Asmara Archive / Stefan Graf & Peter Volgger

‚Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, has one of the largest collections of modernist architecture in the world (…) which, (…) approaches the significance of cities as Tel Aviv, South Beach (…) or New Zealand’s Napier. The rediscovery of Modernism in Asmara offers the opportunity to observe the urban and architectonic qualities and potentials oft he […]

The Sleeping Beauty / Peter Volgger

Asmara contains one of the largest, enclosed ensembles of modernist architecture and might therefore gain the status of a World Heritage Site. It illuminates the urban transfiguration of the colonial dilemma and thus that of every European city. On the one hand we can hence investigate this architectural ensemble, as time seems to have stood […]

Otto Neurath – City Planning / Sophie Hochhäusl

Architects are trained to distinguish between two kinds of maps: representational ones and those that serve as heuristic architectural devices. While representational maps are usually drawn to make observations more accessible to a larger audience, the map as an architectural tool serves as a device for design thinking. By means of drawing space it makes […]

From Other Places / Peter Volgger

The paper deals with the issue of migration and city on the basis of African migrants, in particular it defines the case of a religious brotherhood coming from Senegal in the city of Bolzano/Italy. The study focuses on describing tho- se arising dynamics of informal spaces and their significance for new modes of cohabitation and […]

Interview Thomas Tedros / Peter Volgger & Stefan Graf

Thomas Tedros is an Eritrean tour operator and travel agent. He organises travels to Asmara and Eritrea for groups and individuals from all over the world. He talks with Peter Volgger about the tourism business, history and touristical sights in Eritrea and explains what it means to live and work in Asmara. Thomas Tedros was […]

The Asmara Factory / Peter Volgger

During our fieldwork trip to Asmara in March 2013 funded by the current FWF-project, we were able to visit the city’s archive. Due to present political conditions it is an unique opportunity to get at these collections. The archive has an impressive collection of plans of built and even unrealised (!) projects, which gives insight […]

The Sleeping Beauty – Impressum / Peter Volgger

The Project ‘The Sleeping Beauty. Architecture and Bio Politics’ is supported by the Austrian Fonds for Supporting Scientific Research (Österreichischer Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung – FWF).