Interview with Bart Lootsma on archdaily

07 19th, 2016

Interview with Bart Lootsma by beck Quintal on archdaily. Camera Pola Mora, editing Manuel Albornoz.
The exhibition “Project Solana Ulcinj,” co-curated by Lootsma and Katharina Weinberger and commissioned by Dijana Vucinic and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, features four proposals for the re-use/re-purposing/re-programming of a former industrial site inMontenegro. With an eye on not only sustainability, but also natural and economic viability, four firms proposed different spatial strategies to transform what Lootsma calls an “unreal man-made artificial and abstract landscape.”
Lootsma explains: “What we do is make alternative plans that are neither completely preservationist and also do not propose to build huge hotels on the site, but open up different opportunities for sustainable projects—sustainable projects in terms of nature and economy.”

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