‘Ethnoscapes & Hyperculture’ – Analisi del ‘Hotel House’ (italiano) / Peter Volgger, Katharina Paulweber & Adriano Cancellieri

07 24th, 2015

Italy has been wracked by tension over the past few months as the outskirts of its biggest cities – Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples – have witnessed boisterious and burgeoning street protests against immigration. Rising unemployment, a continuing economic crisis, growing anti-immigrant sentiment, and a new po- litical alliance between the Northern League and Casa Pound – two populist right-wing parties – have fuelled the demonstrations. What happens to African migrants once they landed in Italy. The rhetoric of chaos has been produced by innovations in visual technology, which have brought us face to face with images at once stupefying and disquieting, because they cannot be deciphe- red with the concepts from our encyclopaedia and the words in our vocabulary. „Migropolis,“ „patterns of settlement,“ „city of dispersal,“ „low-cost-habitat“: these are some of the neologisms with which we sought to name the chaotic entity that we had finally succeeded in seeing, but not in explaining. The ‚Hotel House‘ shows exemplarily the new situation, a micro-urban scenario within one single building….

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