The Dancing Innsbruck / Franz Xaver Sitter

06 30th, 2011

„In dem Dantz seynd die Weiber gantz närrisch, im Dantz gantz frech, im Dantz gantz ausgelassen, im Dantz gantz unverschämt, im Dantz gantz gail, im Dantz ganz vermessen, im Dantz gantz erhitzt, im Dantz ganz resolut, im Dantz gantz offenherzig, im Dantz ganz verhurt.“
(“In dance, women are completely foolish, in dance completely cheeky, in dance completely high-spirited, in dance completely unabashed, in dance completely horny, in dance completely presumtuous, in dance completely heated, in dance completely resolute, in dance completely revealing, in dance completely acting like a whore“

(A quote by Abraham a Santa Clara (German monk)

This research is about dance and all its aspects concerning different styles, its influence on space and how these influences can be shown graphically. Dance is a discipline which is directly linked to space and has influence upon it, furthermore to geometry representing dancing figures. In addition, the feeling of a place – the felt volume – is very important too. There exist different approaches that are connected to different periods of time and different forms of art, each of them performing and showing thoughts in their own way. So on the one hand, there exist Futurist performances which were more manifesto than practice with its mechanical puppets or Russian performances dealing with circus-like acts; on the other hand Surrealist and Bauhaus performances can be listed – even more of them.
The site, which that is investigated in this research, is the city of Innsbruck, providing all kinds of dance facilities and events. It will be presented in context with dance showing details concerning different dance styles and also pointing out missing parts.

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