Undercover Daydreaming: Playing with Architecture / Stephanie Topf

07 9th, 2020

The “Anthropogame” is a speculative journey–a miniature experience–for urban explorers and wanderers through the anthropogenic cityscape of tomorrow. It is a kind of futurespective that offers help in an interactive way to gain a better understanding of the possible challenges a city might face in the future.The game developed here might be seen an action oriented approach, a form of tactical urbanism, that aims at opening up the discourse about the city of the future(also to non-experts). In the often very closed world of architecture and urbanism, where an own language is created and used through plans or drawings that follow a fixed set of rules, very often hard to understand for non-architects, everyone gets a chance to bring their fears or desires into the discussion. This might help gain different viewpoints and approaches by means of speculation.

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