Nature’s Revenge: The Aftermath Of Climate Change / Chloe Stiefer

07 9th, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of the 22nd decade has led to a global lockdown.With most of the countries across the continents deciding on a quarantine obligation for its citizens, everyday life has changed. Most outdoor activities were not permitted during the spring months in 2020.People were so-to-say forced staying at home, staying indoors. Life outside of the own four walls barely existed.But, imagine being confined for the rest of your life, never being able to step outside again in the fresh air, embracing the first, warm sunlight hitting your skin on a lovely day in March. Imagine not being able to go fora walk outside and heading to the terrace of your favorite neighborhood café, sipping an iced macchiato while the summer breeze flows through your hair. Imagine not being able to curse at how ugly the weather is on a rainy and chilly November day and that you have to run through the pouring rain in your wet shoes to get to the bus.

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