Nachhaltigkeit als Stil / Matthias Schmidt & Christin Schönberger

03 28th, 2020

Within the framework of the design studio, we dealt with the theme of the dream of nature. As a starting point we used the term Hypnerotomachia Naturae, which comes from the novel “Hypnerotomachia Poliphili” by the Italian writer Francesco Colonna. At the beginning of the semester we dealt with texts and films about architecture and art, in relation to nature. This was the basis for our research in order to delve deeper into the topic and to draw our thesis from it. This is called “Sustainability as a new Style?/ Sustainability as a new Style? Among other things, the text “Words and Buildings – Nature” by Adrian Forty, which represents a vocabulary of modern architecture in relation to nature, served as a basis for this. In his text, Adrian Forty describes how the society of a certain epoch thinks about nature and architecture and how it deals with them. Therefore the aim of the book is ultimately to analyze today’s view and approach to nature in relation to architecture and to clarify the question of whether sustainability is a new style of today. In chapter 1 you will find a summary of our research, in chapter 2 we deal with our topic and draw conclusions from the research.

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