A technobiophilic city: Exploring Compressor / Bogdan Časovskij & Valeria Kirejenko

03 28th, 2020

Our bachelor research was created as an opportunity to develop the idea of “taking the nature with us,‘‘ inspired by Sue Thomas, aiming to look into the co-evolution of physical and digital nature, both of which are being constantly replicated by humans. Wherever we go we always think of the natural world, in metaphors, as an inspiration or as a background knowledge to understand new spaces. Having varied academic qualifications that encompass a degree in geosciences, an up to now 5-semester experience with architecture, and an enthusiasm in history and ecology, we got inspired by looking at possibilities of connecting nature and technology in architecture. We decided to make it our main center of interest together with a visualization of how it can be incorporated into an urban landscape. By collecting concepts, ideas and projects that at first glance have little in common, we desire to reshape the approach to a city perception. A vision that is created through a prism of admiration and passion towards nature and technology alike. In our quest towards understanding the connections between these domains we compile a vast amount of scholar articles, stories and thoughts, which drive us further to form an engaging research. Through exploring Technobiophilia, the new idea described by Sue Thomas, we immerse ourselves into exploring it‘s apparently contradictory components (technophilia and biophilia), trying to answer the questions of how and why does is benefit human emotional and physical state, and imagining how these components could coexist and cooperate on a scale of a city. Based on real projects and places, we have created a fictional technobiophilic city Compressor, and our narrator, Henry Car-son, is on a mission to explore and evaluate it before the new settlers will arrive.

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