Gasploitative Architecture / Carina Prem & Anna-Maria Rödig

07 6th, 2021

Wherever you look, you can find gaps – gaps between reality and human perception. It is the gap between knowledge and reality. But these gaps are not only pain, but also pleasure and it is extremely interesting to exploit these gaps. Though there are gaps, everything is connected to everything and if one entity acts, the action has an impact on all the other entities on this planet and even more. When everything is connected the term of indistinction is not far. Humans are no more important than non-human creatures. In fact the border between human and non-human is extremely fluid because everything is a coexistence between objects and their qualities. To create an architecture for everyone and everything, architects and designers should consider the different needs of the various entities in order to build appropriately. One problem arises regarding the communication between all creatures. The solution might be technology because it allows humans to perceive things they would not perceive without them. Everything is in an ever-changing process. People know that, nonetheless architects for example try to create an architecture that is completely stable and resists every outer influence. And there is a lot of influence from the outside. One is the Hyperobjects. They are sublime. Because humans are not able to represent them. The ironic fact about that: They know that and even though they try to do so. Maybe because of the shocking effect these objects may have on them.

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