Ansichtssache / Viktoria Hortenhuber & Daniel Kröss

07 6th, 2021

Rules are made to be broken. Artists have made a name for themselves by going against conformities and doing things that nobody has dared before. Perspective has always been a tool for artists to comment and break conventions. Irony is our catalyst for the break of conventions in connection to perspective which commonly ends in optical illusions or new representational forms. This research is a look into the conceptualization of perspectival construction in art history and architecture and the connotations of certain perspectives. Distortion, illusion, ironic critique and new forms of art and architectural representation are the result. Furthermore, modern media poses question of whether perspective and the respective discussion thereof are even relevant any longer. Through studies of concrete examples from  architecture and art as well as various theorists, the conventionality of form, representation and perspective are questioned. The research then exemplified the break of all perspectival and conventional rules with a doll house.

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