Futura / Lisa Dinser & Nicole Stecher

07 6th, 2021

In our work, we start with the gaining popularity of metaphors in architecture. Especially in our ever faster time and the strong technical progress in our industry, metaphors seem to become more and more important. But how exactly are metaphors already being used and what potential do they hold for us as architects? We want to show how metaphors influence our perception and how we can use them as a tool of communication, design, marketing and justification in architecture. In the second part, we get into the connection between metaphors, illness and architecture – from  Susan Sontags Illness as Metaphor to Beatriz Colo-minas X-Ray Architecture, to Lacaton and Vassals Pleasure and Luxury for everyone. The development of our built environment has always been influenced by the fear of illness and the architectural reaction to it, something architects are still concerned with to this day. As architecture became omnipresent in times of historically high anxiety due to the ongoing pandemic and an uncertain future, we are forced to deal with our built environment more consciously, discovering more and more flaws and bringing up the question: How will we live together after the pandemic?

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