Lockdown Madness / Julia Beck & Nadine Sturm

07 9th, 2020

35-year-old Charlotte wanted to turn her life around, and she wanted to do it properly. She has been struggling with her job at the advertising agency for a long time and things are not going well with her family. But only her best friend knows how much she is seething. And maybe that‘s just as well, because suddenly the pandemic comes and everything changes. Actually, Charlotte just wanted to get out. Out of the job, out of the marriage, but now she has to stop and stay in it. By chance, we found this series at the very beginning of the semester. The series hits many sides of the Corona crisis and the social-distancing connected with it. We were partly inspired by the content, especially concerning the topic of home office, but also by individual parts of the series in terms of pictures and graphics. Everything takes place at home, social contact is only possible via What‘s App, Skype, and any other kind of social media.
(“Drinnen – im Internet sind alle gleich,” 2020)

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