A journey around the hyperconscious / Magdalena Recheis & Florian Fesel

07 9th, 2020

A 27-year old french man called Xavier de Maistre who undertook a journey in his bedroom in 1790. He loved discovering, as it was a trend already at this time. Discovering the world and travelling to other continents.
Xavier’s dream was to fly, so he tried to build a pair of giant wings and wanted to fly to America, but he failed. Then 1790 he decided to stay save and did his next journey in his room. At home. Room travelling. Closing the door and changing the clothes to the dressing gown. This is how he started the trip to another world in his room. Without the need of any luggage he travelled from the sofa to the bed through the floor and back. De Maistre had different feelings during his journey. Some days, his room felt like a prison, very small, too small to live in. He couldn’t even breathe. At some days it was the other way around. The room felt extremely huge, he felt like he had to cross valleys and mountains to get to his bed. The perception totally changes during the days.

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