Underground Fiction / Georgieva & Koblmueller

06 22nd, 2018

Today technology is predominant almost in every part of our lives, there are areas that are unthinkable without it, but the more we are getting used to it, it seems like the more we are losing ourselves in it and we get easily tempted to the idea of even more comfort. And it is up to us to decide which direction do we want to take.

Besides technology today, for centuries it was architecture which was held as the apotheosis of the human civilisation. 

Cities today are the sign of the technological progress. Mumford sees the city as extension of the coal mine.(Lewis Mumford, 1934) And it is really the coal and the mine themselves that gave life to the industrial revolution and the growth of the cities in the 20. century.

And today we have hundreds of ore, copper or gold mines that push us even further in our progress and in growing our cities even wider. Do we already live in the utopia of our ancestors?

Or do we rather face the fact, that every coin has two sides? 

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