RealityCheck / Contola & Ehrenstraßer & Schwaderer

06 22nd, 2018

How does virtuality affect reality? 

How will virtual environments change the way we build and perceive architecture in the future? 

Freed from constrains it is already possible to create the wildest forms and virtual buildings of endless complexity within virtual space. The technology to fully experience this in a realistic way is already here. But it´s not just one virtual reality that´s out there, it´s a continuum of realities from the real to the virtual that creates an endless amount of realities existing in parallel and interweaving. Where are these points of connection and what do they mean for the built environment of ours? Does it even have to be built any more? And how would we live in a place that is no place? Where material, money and physical constrains are not relevant. Will we have to decide in which type of reality we are going to live or will there be just one – including all „types of reality“? 

In the following, we discuss the impact of virtuality on our perception of reality. What role will new technologies and virtual space play in our future and how will they change our physical world. 

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