Parallel Worlds of Privacy / Nikoloz Jabadari

01 31st, 2018


the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people and the state of being free from public attention.

People have been living together for ages. Being nomads, we used to move from one place to another, in the search of food, making a living, but at some point, we had to settle, thus started creating communities and learning to live together. This process was always in coexistence with the ability of individuals, secluding themselves from others. We call it – Privacy. And its importance, as an idea was changing, transforming with the passing of the time. The latest form of privacy, as we understand it today, is far too young in comparison to our evolution, more than that, it is only about 150 years old. From the tribal societies till the gilded age, people had different ideas about the public behaviors that nowadays can only be thought about in solitude. As the technology is becoming more integrated in our everyday life and we are getting stuck in an age of technology, becoming parts of digital world, plus heading in the world, with the ever-growing demographic explosion (by 2050, we will be at least an estimated nine billion people), apart from reaching the limits of our ecosystem, the importance of the privacy will have to be dealt with more care.

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