Rebelling Furniture / Johanna Babel & Verena Santer

06 28th, 2017

Rebelling Furniture is a book about the avant-garde history of interior design, showing up different approaches to change the traditional design techniques during the time of the 1960s until the end of the 1970s. Due to cultural and political changes designers saw the necessity to change the world of interior design by creating new types of furniture and physical environments. As they were unsatisfied with the development of society through different impacts, they started to rebel against the traditional design industry with different techniques. Their aim was to bring awareness and consciousness back to the people and wanted to improve their lives by changing their physical environments with their design ideas.
Focusing especially on the radical designers in Italy during the time of the Anti-Design movement in the 1960s (c.f. , the Self-Production movement in the USA in the 1970s (Castillo, Choi, Clarke, Dubberly, 2015, p.51) and the topic of the „Century of the Bed“ in the 21. Century, discussed by Beatriz Colomina (c.f.Colomina, 2014), All these movements were different, but nevertheless have always something in common: the ideals they were protesting against, and their goal to bring their designs into society and therefore change it.
Rebelling Furniture wants to show how interior design can do more than just fulfilling practical needs – it can change whole lifestyles.

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