New Domestic Front / Svetlana Ster & Ana Paisana

06 28th, 2017

Ever-Changing Society
A revolution is an event that changes the world, countries, society and, above all, changes each one of us. It is something that must be taken seriously. It is a protest of a whole society revolted, on a large scale. Throughout the evolution of the world, there have been many events which we can also classify as social revolutions. Giving two examples of these same revolutions we have the French revolution (1789-1799) (ct. and the industrial revolution, begun around 1760, in England. (ct. All these developments have caused changes in the structure of society and the speed with which they occur and the way they spread to the rest of the continents is what characterizes these revolutions, for example, the abandonment of life in the countryside, the greater fluency in higher education and reformulation of the profile of the students, the crisis of the working class and the presence of the same in society and, last but not least, the female revolution. When you make a revolution it is because you want to totally change a certain system that no longer works and that is why it makes revolutions so important for our society because it brings important social, political and economic changes. Factors such as cultural drift, where society suffers with constant changes, behavior and rapidly changing values often lead to the origin of a revolution. As well as the very disorganization of the society that leads to the uncertainty and confusion on the part of the citizens. When old customs and traditions no longer relate to a reliable form of behavior, society loses its course. When society feels offended and dissatisfied with its current order and agrees that a change is necessary, a social revolution arises again and this leads us to our third and final factor – social injustice – which is basically that we , Society, we do not want to live the way we live or when we no longer believe in the legitimacy of our social order.

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