The Divine Singaporean Comedy / Dillon D. Lin

10 1st, 2012

I began this cultural research project based on my literary interest in Dante Alighieri’s epic poem, La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy). The poem’s imaginative and allegorical vision of the afterlife is a culmination of the medival- world view, as it had developed in the Western Church. Cosmetically the poem describes Dante’s journey through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven, but on a more perceptive level, it metaphorically represents the soul’s journey towards God. Arranged and composed into specific numerical structures within his books, his ascending journey from Hell to Heaven generates architectural forms; a tower, with various corridors and levels, carefully orchestrated by different programmatic interpretations of evil, punishments and repentances, or, simply, profusion of connotations to the Singaporean-Chinese cultural diversities. The concept of the 3 different realms will be juxtaposed against common religious superstitions.

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