Meta-Shanzai / Ayrton de la Hamette & Thibault Pepin

07 6th, 2021

In the history of mankind, a surge of true geniuses in certain periods of time is responsible for the evolution in  science, medicine, art and other academic practices to the state that they find  themselves in today. People like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein mark just a few of these rare and outstanding individuals capable of changing the future of mankind. In a world where originality and individual capability are highly praised, those who lack those traits tend to either strive for lower and more moderate goals or fall back on less creative and exploitative ways to succeed in live. Being around  very successful individuals brings for- ward a sense of respect and admiration  that occasionally turns into idealisation and inspiration. Being inspired by others normally brings up personal ambitions and the courage to take on endeavours that previously seemed unreachable. The aspiration of reaching a similar level as the subject of admiration, while lacking  the crucial set of skills to do so, is pro- ne to being the source of an opportunistic behaviour that ends up in taking the  term of inspiration too literally, namely imitating and copying. Inspiration can be one of many reasons to take from others and pretend to be the originator.

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