Can you look through the windows? / Kanokwan Trakulyingcharoen

10 19th, 2017

Behind these walls and tiny voids lie a few lives. Living as they would if separated from the speed of this ever-changing world.
Following years of urban sprawl, the social fabric of Bangkok has disappeared so that the construction of a single house in such a metropolis has moved toward the creation of a singular micro cosmos. The house is situated on Pracharat Bamphen road, a tortuous road in a high-density neighborhood of the northeastern zone of Bangkok. Living in the city where a number of events happen here and there simultaneously and continuously as if one is surfing the Internet, the house becomes an intimate place in which its inhabitants feel free to withdraw themselves from the chaotic movement of the rapidly modernized metropolis. Today, being connected or disconnected to the world is no longer a big deal as long as your device remains somewhere within arm’s reach. A dinner meeting can be done in one click! Let alone a house finding function as a space where one can stay at ease with oneself.

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