Matchpoint.Melbourne / Thomas Fußenegger

10 1st, 2011

Cities have always tried to provide their residents with the best possible urban environment. Due to the growing importance of leisure industry and tourism, cities such as Melbourne are more and more forced to compete for becoming hot spots on the world map.

Through a comprehensive analysis of the city it is shown how sport and design have become synonymous for Melbourne’s local culture and could simultaneously attract worldwide attention. Independently, I tried to develop underutilised sites throughout the inner city. Thereby, sport, identity, branding, experiential design, and public space turned out as the key issues. New cognitions gave rise to a comprehensive concept for Melbourne’s urban thinking and planning. The proposed concept shows how architecture can be utilized to combine local and global aspects of city making in order to service social integration and economic growth. A series of individually developed architectural interventions provides an idea on how the overall concept could become part of each project in a different way. Thereby, the inner city of Melbourne becomes the urban ‘playing field’.

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